Ways to Volunteer

Parent Participation

The team depends on parents to volunteer at least 20 hours over the course of the year (not including driving carpools) to plan events, make them happen, and ensure they run smoothly. Parents are required to sign up to provide assigned food items or beverages for the races several times during the season. Donating food does not satisfy volunteer hours but is another way parents help support the rowers.

There are many ways to volunteer your time and energy. You might come to a race and help serve food to the hungry rowers, monitor the parking lot or help out at the finish line at a home regatta, staff the recruitment table at a community event such as the Solano Stroll or help with the set up or clean up of almost any crew event.

The Southwest Region Junior Championships (CJs) in May has a large list of volunteer activities. Parental participation is vital to make the event run smoothly and assure that everyone has a good time.

The lead organizer for each volunteer project or event reports hours worked to the Volunteer Coordinator for collection and tabulation, so make sure that the person running the event for which you volunteer is aware of the hours you worked.

For more information and ideas on how you can match your particular skills and interests to volunteer positions, please contact any of the various “coxswains” of the Functional Areas Tor speak with the Novice Coordinator and/or Volunteer Coordinator.

Here is a link to a breakdown of what counts and doesn’t.

Volunteer Hours Forms

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