Registration Steps


Registration for returning athletes:

For 2022-23, all athletes will need to register for their team through TeamSnap. Don’t worry, returning rowers will be able to auto-fill most of the details from your existing profile, however you will have to choose your payment plan and download this year’s participation agreement before you will be placed onto your team roster.

Trying out the sport:

It is not to late to join the team. ‎Just complete the registration steps below and you may begin attending practices. If you have any questions please email Head Coach Marie Jones at

Registration for those new to the team: SUMMARY

  1. Registration with including Payments & Scholarships

  2. BHS Athletic Packet (Includes doctor signed physical form) Complete the form online.

  3. Swim Test form (Get signed by a lifeguard. Submit to coach)

  4. Participation Agreement (sign and return to coach)

Get forms from the Coaches or download them via the Forms page. Ask the coaches if you have questions.

1. Registration on TeamSnap for rowers & coxswains. is an online team management system that many families are familiar with from other sports such as soccer, although the Crew team uses it somewhat differently than some other teams.

Use the following links to register and get your TeamSnap account: (DO NOT reuse an existing parent TeamSnap account. Create one in the Student Athlete’s name).

Register for 2022-23 TeamSnap

For athletes joining in Spring 2023, use this link: TeamSnap

The sequence goes like this:

  1. Athlete registers on TeamSnap.

  2. Athlete gets an email inviting them to the TeamSnap for their team.

  3. Athlete accepts the invitation by clicking the link in the email.

Until step 3 happens, parents will NOT receive any TeamSnap emails. Athletes must be responsible for getting through the process.

When a parent says “My kid registered but I’m not getting emails” tell them to have their kid accept the invitation. We can re-issue it if they lose it.

When you have registered, you’ll be added to the team roster, and you will receive all team communications.

Varsity TeamSnap signup.

If you are new to the team but have previous crew experience and are joining the Varsity team (with the coaches permission), please speak with the coaches about how to register.

TeamSnap is used to manage team rosters so it is important that the rower/coxswain register with their own email address and password. Returning rowers will already be in the system from previous years and will be moved to the appropriate team by the coaches if necessary.

If you have any questions, please email the registrar at

2. TeamSnap for parents:

TeamSnap is used for all communications and the team calendar so it is very important that a parent has their email address as part of their rower/coxswain’s TeamSnap profile. This can be done in one of two ways. The way the team uses TeamSnap, it doesn’t much matter which way you choose, as long at both parents and rower/coxswains are getting the email notifications and have access to the team calendar. To add the parent email, either

  • Add a parent email address to the student’s account and make sure the parent knows the user/password for the account


  • From within the student account, the parent can be ‘invited’ to ‘share access’. Done this way, the parent can have their own log-in to the same account.

3. Berkeley High School Athletic Packet

The Berkeley High School Athletic Department has moved to an online system for completing Athletic Packets. Visit the Athletic Department’s web site here for more information. You will need to upload and completed physical (you can also submit the physical in person).

Once their Packets are approved, student-athletes will need to stop by the Athletic Department to receive a yellow card which indicates they are authorized to participate. This card should then be turned in to the relevant Crew Coach (Men’s/Women’s, Varsity/Novice).

4. Swim Test

The Berkeley High Crew Swim Test form is available from the Forms page. Swimming tests can be obtained at the MLK School Pool or a pool of your choice. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to arrange for the athlete’s swimming tests by calling the facility and scheduling a day and time. If you’ve submitted this as part of a BHS crew camp during the summer, you don’t need to submit it again.

SUBMIT: Once the swim test has been signed by a lifeguard, turn it in to your Berkeley High Crew Coach.

5. Financial Contribution & Scholarships

Payments are due at the start of the year, or whenever you join the team.

Fees / Discounts / Payment plan / Scholarships:

See Tuition Payment page for payment details.


We are committed to making rowing accessible to all Berkeley High students, and we have a scholarship program in place to help families with the team contribution. Please contact the registrar in confidence for a scholarship application.

Contributions can be made by

  • Check: sending a check, made out to “Berkeley Crew”, to Berkeley High School Crew, P.O. Box 1012, Berkeley, CA 94701,

  • Online using PayPal on this website.

  • In person at an event, using Square to swipe your credit card.

  • Calling the registrar with your credit card information.

  • Via PayPal link in your email.