USRowing strongly encourages the reporting of all forms of misconduct.


All reports involving sexual misconduct must be submitted directly to the U.S. Center for SafeSport at or 833-5US-SAFE (587-7233), as well as to state and local enforcement agencies as required.


All other reports of misconduct  – including emotional misconduct, physical misconduct, and violations of the MAAPP – may be reported to USRowing. USRowing encourages initial reporting of such matters to the relevant member organization using the member organization's internal reporting processes. If you and your student are unable to resolve an issue with a BHS Crew coach directly, reach out to our team Ombudsman to help in facilitating a solution. This year’s Ombudsman is Sarah Rose. She can be reached at

If the issue remains unresolved or is not susceptible to resolution at the BHS Crew organization level, it may be reported to USRowing.

Medical Emergencies

A plan of action for of medical emergencies has been drafted by the coaches and board.

Boat Safety Practices

These points are reviewed with all rowers in the fall and spring to inform and reinforce safety regulation and practices:

The coaches and coxswain know how to control the boat and keep practices as safe as possible.

The coaches do a thorough analysis of weather before launching the boats; if changeable weather is expected, rowers will remain off the water for a land practice. Boats may go out during periods of light rain, at the discretion of the coaches. The coaches go through a rigorous safety training program every fall, where they review water rescues, boating safety, first aid and emergency procedures. They also carry two-way radios to monitor Coast Guard activity while out in the ship channel and have running lights for the bow/stern of all shells during early morning and later evening workouts.